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The Workplace Integration Program:

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The Workplace Integration Program (WIP) is an employment services program provided by the New Canadian Centre. WIP provides employers and internationally trained professionals with the right tools and resources to help them with the integration of immigrants in the workforce.

The Workplace Integration Program does this by:

  • Increasing awareness and capacity of employers to hire and retain internationally trained professionals
  • Providing dedicated resources and information to small and medium sized employers
  • Helping internationally trained professionals achieve their career goals through meaningful employment.
  • Assisting employers with creating a culture of inclusion

Alex Kamau Njuguna’s Success Story:

“I am a Kenyan citizen and a permanent resident of Canada; I was born in a place called Kidifarmaco, Kikuyu town in Kenya, East Africa.I first came to Canada in September of 2005, after I got accepted at Trent University to do my second degree in Business. Peterborough was a beautiful town. It was hard to be away from my family, but I quickly made a home at Trent University.

I graduated from Trent in 2008 with an Honours Degree in Business Administration. I joined the Workplace Integration Program and they helped me apply for my postgraduate work permit. The application was a success, and after a few months of job hunting, I was looking into a management position. After searching for a few months, I hadn’t received an offer for a management position. I was offered a material handling job at a local clothing retailer in Peterborough, making minimum wage. I figured a job and Canadian work experience was better than nothing; and I worked my way up to a full time position.

In 2009, I visited the New Canadian Centre as I applied for my permanent residence. They were a great help, and made sure all my forms were filled out correctly and all documents were put together as required. In June of 2009, I was promoted to an Assistant Operation Supervisor position with the company and moved to a Mississauga location. The GTA provided a wide market to find a job in my field of study. In May 2010 I was promoted into a Retail Sales Manager position and moved to another branch of the company located in North York. Life was great, but the commute into North York from my residence in Richmond Hill was difficult. In October 2010, I decided it was time to go back to Peterborough, the quiet beautiful town I had come to know as home, thanks to my now wife Stephanie Kamau.

I met with Michael VanDerHerberg, a New Canadian Centre employee and WIP facilitator, at the New Canadian Centre. He helped organize interviews for me, read through my résumé, and connected me with another employment counselor, who was amazing. The counselor helped me restructure my résumé to better my odds of getting a job. I got offered a Store Manager Position in a pharmacy in January of 2011, and was finally back home in Peterborough once again.”

The Workplace Integration Centre is one of many resources that can be found at This site contains information for those who are either thinking of immigrating to Canada, or who have recently arrived. It will help you decide if you want to live in Peterborough and how to get settled here.

  • Information about the history of immigration to Peterborough, local weather, and geography can be found in the “About Peterborough” section.
  • For help with immigrating to Peterborough, including what to do before arriving and resources to assist you with settling after you arrive; check out the “Immigrating” section.
  • In the “Living” section, you will find everything you need to know about housing, food, finance health, transportation, and much more.
  • The “Working” section provides important and useful information about finding a job, starting a business, and getting your credentials recognized.
  • To learn about Peterborough’s college, university, school boards, and opportunities for lifelong learning, check out the “Learning” section.

Full length success stories can be found at:

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