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In August this year Employment Ontario began a revolutionary change to how they deliver services. The services stay the same – the delivery of the service and the convenience for those people using the services changed.

Employment Ontario provides employment services, job search help and access to training for unemployed people. It contracts to many different service providers throughout the province to provide these services on their behalf. In August there was a shift to change the old fashioned “referral” process to a more modern, efficient and client centered “one stop shopping” approach.

Under the new system all service providers will deliver all employment services under one roof for the convenience of the clients. This includes valuable programs such as job finding, placement and incentives and job training and retention.

What does this mean to YOU?

If you have lost your job, are unemployed or want to find a new job, it’s often hard to know where to start. At the new Employment Ontario Centres, you can find the direction you need.
If you are looking for an office near you, the new system guarantees that there is one in every community in the Province. To find one just check your telephone directory blue pages or visit the Ministry of training, colleges and Universities website (

Once you locate an office nearby, you can arrange to visit them. All offices will provide the same basic services including: résumé preparation, job and training planning, job placement and advice on finding a job that matches your skills and interests.

Resource Centres

Resource Centres can be used by anyone in their job search. Most of them will be equipped with computers, printers, telephones and printed materials for you to use, although the hours of operations might vary – contact them to make sure they are open when you need help.

Use their resources to do your research into job possibilities that you may be qualified for. Find out about the labour market in your area and industries which may be hiring. If you need assistance on the computers or with using the resources, there is always someone available to help. All Employment Ontario sites are staffed with career specialists who can assess your prior experience, education and interests and help you set an employment goal. As with any path, there are a million different ways to get to any destination and the staff at the centre can help you find the best way to move forward.

Résumé – For almost every job you will find in your lifetime you will use a résumé. A résumé is a summary of all of the skills, experience and training that you have in a format that employers can understand. Throughout the world, résumés can contain very different information and details. It is important that you have assistance from people experienced in completing Canadian résumés to put together the best résumé that you can. Your résumé is the first impression you make on employers to make the best impression you can.

Planning – Whether you are planning to find a job or to obtain training, a career specialist can help you to put your employment plans in order.

For job planning, you may be eligible to work one-on-one with a career specialist who can provide access to workshops and job opportunities. If this doesn’t suit you, you can work independently on your job search through the resource centre.

To apply for training you can also work on your own or with a career specialist, who can help you get more information on these programs (including Second Career) – which might be funded by the government – or even to complete the applications form.

Job Placement – All Employment Ontario offices will assist not only those looking for work but those looking to hire workers. Employers can use the services of a job developer to help with their recruitment needs. They receive free access to job seekers who may have the skills that they are looking for. In addition, some employers may be eligible for incentives to offset some of the costs of training and work experience.

Job seekers can receive assistance from job developers as well, who will help to bridge the gaps between them and prospective employers. They can provide access to incentive programs (including job creation partnerships).

The transformation of Employment Ontario to a “one stop shopping” approach will, hopefully, help you find a better job in a more efficient and effective manner, and in less time.

Using the services provided is free – always available at no cost to you. Free advice on finding a job that matches your skills and interests and with a long term future, as soon as possible, is always the best way to start your new life in Canada.

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