Ontario International Engineers Success Awards Winners

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Bridging partners at the Skills for Change Conference for Internationally Trained Engineers submitted 24 nominations for the Ontario International Engineers Success Awards. Six winners were selected for award presention by Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri, President and Vice-Chancellor, York University, following his afternoon keynote address at the conference. The awards recognize internationally trained engineers for their achievements and contributions to Ontario in the field of engineering.

Khalid Ibrahim

Humber College – ESSE Program

Khalid’s employment advisor, Lynda Jackson explained, “Khalid impressed us right away with his professionalism during his interview for selection into Although Khalid came from an architectural background he knew that he could benefit from the Civil stream of the Humber College 22 week Engineering Software Skills Enhancement program.

Committed to the program curriculum and to his ongoing job search, Khalid displayed a positive attitude and determination. Prior to the end of the program, he responded to a lead provided by Humber College’s Career Centre,joining Memar Consultants in Scarborough as an Architectural Technologist. He finished the program while working 40+ hours a week in his new role. With infant twins at home at the time, it was remarkable that Khalid was able to balance all of these commitments. Now the Executive Manager at Memar, he also teaches evening Blueprint classes at Humber. Khalid has also almost completed the process to be a licensed designer with BCIN and is in the process of creating an Engineers Group for the Sudanese Community Association of Ontario.

Raghbir Singh Sudan,

Skills for Change – Trades Win Support Program

After 16 years as an Electrical Engineer, Ragbir Sudan came to Canada in 2000. He had no idea at the time of the support provided by the non-profit sector.

After three years of doing odd jobs, he passed his lndustrial Electrician exam and secured a job with electrical manufacturing company called Air King. When his recession-hit employer closed its doors, 6 years later Raghbir needed to restart his career yet again.

The Newcomer Information Centre referred him to the Skills for Change Trades Win Support program. The 11 week program not only helped him get the C & M license that had eluded him on his four previous tries, he passed his Master Electrician exam on his first attempt. Determined to start his own business, Raghbir got his electrical contractor license from ECRA of the ESA and started his company called Metro Electrical.

Today, he employs five to ten people, he is teaching part time electrical at Sheridan College, and volunteering for a number of causes in his community.

Leany Moreno, P. Eng


Leany Moreno finished her M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering in the Philippines and had over 8 years experience in chemical processes and water and wastewater treatment and operation when she arrived in Canada with her husband and two kids. She took part in employment programs and worked survival jobs to gain Canadian experience and pay the bills.

While many tried to talk her out of pursuing her professional designation, Leany remained hopeful, focused and stayed positive that one day she would get her dream job. She took online training to keep abreast of advancements in the engineering field and public speaking to improve her self confidence and communications skills. A 2009 work placement with York Region as an Environmental Specialist through the PAIE Program, unlocked great opportunities for her in Canada.

Becoming a P.Eng. in August, 2010; she was rapidly promoted from her first permanent, salaried position to her current job as Industrial Treatment Engineer.

Currently, Leany helps industries collect, handle and treat wastewater in order to comply with Canadian environmental laws and regulations.

Ashok Naik, Operations Manager


Ashok Naik is a Mechanical Engineer from India who specializes in Wind Energy. He participated in the Engineering Connections program through ACCES Employment in Mississauga before joining TRCA’s PAIE Program in September, 2010.

He never lost sight of his goal to continue his career in Canada as a mechanical engineer working in the renewable energy sector, and consistently accessed services and training provided by PAIE to improve his employability and expand his professional network in Ontario.

Ashok conducted a very active job search and demonstrated his knowledge of the renewable energy sector in Canada by focusing his efforts on the right locations in Ontario and across the country. Networking through social media enabled him to target his efforts in developing himself professionally in Ontario. Ashok demonstrated unwavering commitment to his career goals and regularly attended job search and work place culture and communication training offered by PAIE which got him an offer from Siemens Wind Power Canada in Hamilton.

Farius (TJ) Tjioesman – Sales Engineer

Humber College ESSE Program

From the moment, Farius (TJ) Tjioesman enrolled in the Humber College Engineering Software Skills Enhancement (ESSE) program, it would have been hard to find anyone at the school with a more positive attitude. TJ always initiated class discussions, had questions and was eager to participate. TJ is so resourceful at doing company research and such a sponge for information, that he quickly became the “go to” person for many of his classmates.

TJ embraced the job search strategies which were reviewed in the course, particularly networking and Informational Interviewing. While his classmates struggled to arrange their first Information Interviews, TJ had already done several. A Career Fair on the Humber campus gave TJ an opportunity to network with employers. A conversation with an HR staff-member at Mersen led to a series of interviews and a job offer.

His combination sales-and-engineering role at Mersen Canada allows him the opportunity to use both his technical and his business knowledge.

Albena Bukurova EIT, Project Engineer Intern-Waste


Joining TRCA’s PAIE program in September 2010, Albena Bukurova completed 50 hours of Intercultural Communications training, a 56 hour Communication in the Engineering Professions course at Ryerson University and approximately 90 hours of technical training and field excursions for a total of 196 hours of formal training.

Her newly developed skills and personal determination got her a contract with DRPA Canada Inc as a Geoenvironmental Consultant, where she provided technical expertise on a large scale mining project for the First Nations. When that contract ended, Albena avoided the depression that is common for individuals who are thrown back into job search mode. She increased efforts at PAIE,attended workshops outside of her field and ultimately became the successful candidate for a Project Engineer Intern Position with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, conducting technical reviews on applications for Environmental Compliance Approvals.

She is a registered EIT with PEO, in the process of getting her professional licence this summer and is also pursuing the P.Geo and PMP designations.

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