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Are you an internationally trained language teacher? Do you want to pursue a career as an ESL instructor? Then check out the exciting Enhanced Language Training for ESL instructors offered this fall by the Toronto Catholic District School Board. It will allow internationally trained instructors to improve their language skills in the context of teaching English as a Second language.

To be eligible to join the ELT program for ESL instructors, you have to be a landed immigrant or convention refugee. You must have a teaching background and an interest in teaching ESL to adults in Canada. You must have a minimum of CLB 8 in each of the four English Language skills. You must also be available to attend a full time program (9:00 to 2:30) from October to December 2008.

The program consists of three components. The first is 200 hours of in-class language training which will provide sector specific language training to help candidates further develop their oral, written and socio-cultural skills. It also includes workplace preparation which consists of modules on learner-centred, task-based instruction and the Canadian language Benchmarks, employer’s expectations, job search strategies and the preparation of teaching portfolios. The second component involves 25 hour work placement with an experienced ESL instructor. Activities will include classroom orientation where candidates observe and possibly assist the instructor with the opportunity to network with other staff members and have access to the school’s resources. This bridge-to-work component gives candidates insight into, and experience in, the Canadian classroom and the ESL workplace. The third component consists of 10 hours of professional development both online and in class with other ESL instructors.

Candidates who want to join this program need to take a language proficiency test (CLB A or CLBPT- Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test) at the YMCA and have an interview where we will conduct a PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) in order to chart their career path. Candidates can go to to book an appointment for language assessment. Candidates who have been assessed within six months of the start of the program will not need to be reassessed.

The benefits of this program are many. Candidates will improve their language skills in order to succeed in their job search. This will include higher level language upgrading, sector-specific terminology, and lessons around business soft. Candidates will also gain increased awareness of and practice in using methodology currently used in Canadian classrooms. They will develop a professional teaching portfolio during this course, both an electronic and hardcopy, complete with resume, certificates of participation in workshops and sample classroom activities. In addition candidates will also gain Canadian experience during their work placement.

The ELT for ESL Instructors program will be held at St. William Adult ESL Centre which is at 343 Jones Avenue, Toronto.  Candidates who are interested in taking the program can visit our website at or call 416-397-6959.

Thanks to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for funding ELT programs thus enabling immigrants and convention refugees to access and remain in the labour market at levels commensurate with their skills and qualifications. In order to reach their objective, CIC is facilitating the development and delivery of labour-market level of language training (CLB 7 – 10 in either English or French), job-specific language training, Bridge –to-work activities to complement language training, and Canadian Language Benchmarks 1 – 10 in English and French.

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