Manitoba Urges Federal Government Not to Cut Back Immigration

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Jennifer Howard, Minister of Labour and Immigration for Manitoba, will be meeting with Jason Kenney, federal Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism this week, in an effort to persuade Ottawa not to place a cap on the number of newcomers allowed into Canada.

According to Statistics Canada, immigration to Manitoba over the past year has been at its highest level since 1946. Most newcomers have settled in and found jobs.

Howard, in an interview, stated that the influx of newcomers is at least partly responsible for her province’s recent economic success. In reaction to Ottawa’s proposed cutback on visas for families of newcomers, Howard said, “We should not be penalized for our success.”

Also meeting with the Federal Minister will be Graham Starmer of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce; Jim Carr, representing the Business Council of Manitoba; Dave Angus of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce; and Paula Havixbeck, acting deputy mayor of Winnipeg.

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