Looking for a Career College?

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By Olga Eremeeva

My story:

When I came to Canada ten years ago and started looking for a school to upgrade my skills and find a job, I had no idea how different career colleges and schools operated here. After brief research (by looking through Yellow Pages), I picked the school that was widely advertised, that had an attractive bright red logo, and that had many campuses across the city. One was just around the corner from my home. This business school was offering a fast comprehensive program and help with finding a job. They accepted me on the spot.

It was at the end of a nine-month course that I started to realize I was studying in a very expensive school; it did not provide any connection with a workplace and was teaching me DOS while the rest of the world had been using Windows.

For several months, I was trying to find a job in my field, but soon gave up and started working for a minimum wage on an assembly line at a factory. And … paying back the loan.

Moving to a new country can become as a much an exciting experience as frustrating. Immigrants feel enormous pressure to find a job and provide for families as soon as they step on the Promised Land. Sometimes they have to put their wonderful careers (which had once brought them to this country) on hold or make decisions in a hurry – to feed the children.

Some of you, who decide to update job skills or move careers to a new direction, will go back to school. If you think about studying at a college, consider the fact that there are private and community career

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