Life: Are You Going to Have a Baby?

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“Pregnancy classes are great! Every week there is something new to learn,” says Huda, who is new to Canada and going to have a baby. Once a week for eight weeks, Huda joins a small group of pregnant women to learn about having a healthy baby and staying healthy herself during pregnancy.

“I learned a lot about the changes during pregnancy and healthy eating,” adds Huda.

In class, women learn about their baby’s growth during pregnancy, preparation for labour and birth, breastfeeding, and care of their new baby. Classes are taught by a nurse who answers questions and gives support to the group. The group discusses different cultural practices.

“I feel comfortable talking about things like labour and breastfeeding in the women-only group,” says Huda.

By going to a prenatal class, you learn a lot of valuable information. This is especially true if you are new to Canada or English is your second language. Huda found that the pictures, videos and discussions made it easy to learn what happens in the hospital, such as medical procedures during labour.

“I was given a free package with a lot of pregnancy information to read at home,” says Huda.

“My mother enjoyed coming to the class too because she learned how to help me take care of my newborn, bathe the baby and install a car seat.”

Even if you have family to help you during your pregnancy, you will benefit from meeting other pregnant women who share similar experiences.

Pregnancy classes offer free childcare, are located along bus routes and have friendly staff who keep your personal information private.

Finding a prenatal class is easy. If you live in Brampton, Caledon or Mississauga, call Region of Peel — Public Health at 905-799-7700 or visit If you live outside the Region of Peel, contact your local Public Health department.

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