Learn the Language of Love: A Guide to Dating in Canada

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So you’re finally getting used to your new life in Canada. You’re feeling more secure than when you first arrived to the country. But regretfully, one thing seems to be missing from your life. Although you finally found a good job, your love life is practically nonexistent. Why not take the plunge, change up your routine, and start meeting new people?

Dating methods in Canada may be different from the way they are back home, but don’t be discouraged.

Once you get to know the rules of dating in Canada, you’ll find that special person to snuggle up with on those cold winter nights!

I know that dating is difficult for most, and trying to find a soul mate may seem like an impossible feat. But fear not, there are plenty of options for newcomers!

First things first; in order to meet new people you have to be out there. Meaning, staying at home every weekend will not help you find a companion. There are a lot of clubs, bars and lounges filled with people ready to get to know you. Even if the bar scene isn’t your scene, there are still tons of options for you to meet a potential mate. Here are a few places where you can start.

Back to school!
Continuing education classes or workshops are a couple places where you can make a love connection. Classes in cooking, photography and learning a new language, are great places to brush up on your skills and find someone with similar interests.
However, don’t enroll in classes just to find someone to date! You should genuinely be interested in the class. Finding someone that you’re interested in should only be a bonus.

The blind date
Who knows you better than your family or friends? No one. So instead of rejecting their pleas to help you land a girlfriend/boyfriend, why not agree to be “fixed up” on a blind date? A blind date is essentially when a friend, family member, or someone close to you sets you up with a friend of theirs. You usually don’t know who the other person is or what they look like – that’s why they call it a blind date.
The advantage of going on a blind date is that your friend or family member has your best interest at heart and they want to find someone that would match your personality. Blind dates are definitely worth a try!

Online dating
A growing number of people are taking their quest for love to the computer. It was once a means for the shy and the socially self-conscious, but now it seems as though many people have jumped onto the online dating bandwagon.

There are several websites devoted to matching singles. On them you can create a profile and begin your search. Putting your picture online can increase your chances of someone contacting you. Signing up to use online dating sites is generally free, however there is a small fee that allows you to contact other members.

While conducting your search, you are able to look for people within a certain age group, geographic area (city, country), and you can further refine the search by culture and religious background. Once you’ve found someone that you’re interested in, you can notify them through their profile and the communication can start from there.

Lavalife.com is one of the most popular dating sites in Canada which boasts numerous profiles. SingleinTo.com is another site that devotes itself to connecting daters in the Toronto area.

Networking events for singles
Have you heard of the Connecting Singles program at the Royal Ontario Museum? The program gives singles another option to the bar scene. You can meet new singles while attending an interesting class or listening to a guest speaker. Keep your eyes open for similar events at other locations.

Speed dating
What’s better than going on one date in one night?  How about going on 25 dates in one night! That’s essentially the idea behind speed dating events.

Speed dating events allows singles to meet 25 people within a specified time frame. These events are usually held at a bar, restaurant or lounge. Since speed is an issue at these events, dates generally last 3 minutes, and when the time is up, daters move on to the next person.

Each dater is given a score card and they are instructed to write down if they are interested in the other dater. If both daters are interested in each other, their contact information will be exchanged (a contact person for the speed dating services organizes this) and the daters can get in touch with each other.

You’re on your way!
Okay, so you’ve found that special person that you want to date, but what’s your next step? Before you go on the date, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

One of the most important things every dater should adhere to is being on time. Do not make your date wait hours and hours for you. Be respectful and arrive on time.

How to Dress
Personal grooming plays an important role on the date. You want to look good and smell great. Generally when you go on a job interview you dress in a certain way to show confidence and professionalism. Well, you should apply that same idea when you go on a date. It is very important to make a good first impression.
Since dates can be as casual as bowling, mini golfing or going to the movies, make sure that you dress for the activity. Jeans and a stylish top or shirts are quite acceptable.

What to say 
Even though you might be nervous because you haven’t been on a date in a while, you still need to relax and have fun. Try not to talk about any of the taboo subjects – politics and religion. These topics are fine for discussion on any other day, but you don’t want to have a huge argument with your date if you disagree on a particular subject. Keep it simple. Feel free to talk about your hobbies and your interests.

I hope this information has helped you. Just keep all the suggestions in mind, and in no time you’ll be dating in Canada.

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