Jobs: New to Canada and Looking for Work?

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By Geeta Boodram

Most immigrants don’t know where to start looking for a job. Luckily there are numerous free programs and services funded by the Government of Canada to assist you in your job search.

Do you find your job search to be frustrating and stressful? Is lack of English language skills preventing you from finding a good job? Were you a successful professional in your homeland but need to upgrade your skills, certify your degrees? Do you need a professional certification? Do you need Canadian experience? You are not alone!

As a new immigrant to Canada myself, I came to this country and left most of my family in India to seek out new opportunities in this wonderful country. Settling in a new country can be challenging. Many new immigrants to Canada often wonder why they made the move. This is normal. Trust me, things change as soon as you get settled in a home, in a job and become mobile. So don’t panic!

The reason I share this information is because I want new Canadians to know that Canada has a lot to offer. When I first arrived in Canada, I was totally unaware of all the programs and services that Canada has to offer to its newcomers, its unemployed and its disadvantaged people.

For those seeking work, one excellent gateway to Employment Services is Mississauga Community Connections (MCC). Mississauga Community Connections is an Assessment Centre that was established to assist unemployed persons, persons working less than 20 hours a week, new immigrants, newcomers to Canada, and persons with disabilities to access programs whereby they can learn new job search techniques, get training or skills development, and obtain additional supports to help them to get into the workforce.

MCC can connect you to programs where you can learn or improve your English language skills or direct you to the right programs for your employment needs. Special programs are designed to assist newcomers, convention refugees, landed immigrants, or citizens with their job search.

MCC conducts a morning or an afternoon, three-hour General Information Session that outlines the programs and services available in your area and also provides you with valuable information that can assist you in your search for employment, training, job skills, mentoring or programs that can help you to find work. An experienced Employment Advisor will review your education, experience, skills and training and help you to identify which of the funded programs or services will best support your employment goals.

Please contact us at any on of the wheelchair accessible locations. It’s free – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • 33 City Centre Drive, Suite 280 Tel: 905-896-2233 (Robert Speck & Hurontario)
  • 6790 Century Ave. Suite 401 Tel: 905-814-8406 (Hwy 401 & Erin Mills Rd.)
  • 6870 Goreway Drive (Malton) Tel: 905-678-8515 (Derry Rd & Goreway Dr.)

To find out more about MISSISSAUGA COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS – please check our website

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