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Helping Diversity-at-Work…Work! Every year, Canada becomes “home” to over 260,000 newcomers. People who come to Canada from all over the world call it home because of the potential Canada offers them and because of the ability of Canadians to embrace and work with different cultures.

Today, the word “diversity” has become a common “buzz word” in corporate and government lingo. Many corporations have taken great strides to include wording in their mission statements reinforcing their corporate values of embracing their employees’ diverse cultures and languages. Diversity has gone beyond being just an employee issue. It’s now become a business priority to ensure companies in Canada sustain their long-term growth.

Companies who embrace diversity know that teams of employees comprised of different cultural backgrounds and genders are more creative in their problem-solving than homogeneous groups (groups who share a common background). Some companies and organizations have made this a priority and have shown how it can be successfully implemented. By breaking down the barriers and making everyone feel accepted and comfortable in their workplace, companies are increasing productivity through effective collaboration and team leadership.

To showcase the power of diversity in the workplace, Skills for Change is launching their inaugural workshop, Diversity @ Work Leadership Seminar on February 25th. This initiative will take place in conjunction with the 18th Annual New Pioneers Awards event (also being held Feb 25) which for the past 18 years has increased awareness and celebrated the success of newcomers. The Diversity @ Work Leadership Seminar will bring together diversity leaders and past New Pioneer award-recipients such as Bruce Poon Tip, President of G.A.P Adventures, Jamila Aman, Executive Director Northwood Neighbourhood Services as well as Dr. Alex Jadad, Founder and Canada Research Chair for the Centre of Global eHealth Innovation.

The seminar will start with leadership success stories from diversity leaders and past NPA award recipients and then will break out into different workshops led by experts from corporations that have successfully integrated diversity into their workplace. Human Resource professionals, hiring managers, entrepreneurs and corporate employees are invited to attend to make this sought-after idea a reality.

Seminar speakers include Michael Bach, Deputy Director of Diversity, KPMG International and Janis Galway, Diversity Trainer and past Co-founder of Skills for Change. This seminar will be a great networking opportunity for HR personnel and up-and-coming business executives who would like to learn from leaders how they have harnessed the power of diversity.

Established in 1982, Skills for Change is a non-profit organization providing learning and training opportunities for immigrants and refugees so that they can participate in the workplace and wider community. They work with corporations and employers to promote diversity in the workplace through mentorship, recruitment, and professional development training initiatives.

For registration, please visit the Skills for Change website at: or contact Skills for Change 416-658-3101 ext. 238 or email:

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