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by Michelle Joseph

Looking for work is not an easy task for anyone, and when you are a member of a diverse group, you may be unfortunately faced with many obstacles. DiversityCareers recognizes these issues and is ready to give jobseekers a helping hand. is an online resource that connects jobseekers with the most current job opportunities from well known employers who are committed to having a diverse workplace. On the website, you’ll find job postings that target skilled immigrants/newcomers to Canada, visible minorities, women, people with disabilities, aboriginal people, mature workers (aged 45 yrs +), Canadians, and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgendered (LBGT) people.

This highly effective website is the brainchild of director and founder, Karl Espiritu. The concept for the website came from a few factors. Karl realized there was a huge need for this type of website due to the estimated labour shortage to occur over the next 20 years, and the fact that new Canadians were faced with the unfortunate dilemma of needing “Canadian experience”. His goal was to bridge the gap, reduce and hopefully eliminate employment barriers and help jobseekers find jobs in Canada.

Job Opportunities

As a jobseeker, you simply log onto the site and apply to jobs from employers interested in supporting diversity practices.

On the website you will find thousands of job opportunities within different job categories from all across Canada. There are positions in Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Customer Service and Office Administration among others. Big names like Pepsi Bottling Group, RBC, The Toronto Transit Commission, and Hudson’s Bay Company have collaborated with DiversityCareers.

Free Services

The site was launched in Aug 2007 and offers job search tools, includings:

  • Job Agent: After signing up for an account on the website, applicants can create a “job agent” which will automatically notify them by email of new postings that match their skills.
  • Résumé Builder: Jobseekers can create their own online résumé by using their user-friendly application.
  • Proximity Search: Jobseekers can search for jobs by using their postal code to locate jobs that are close to home.
  • Video Résumé: This fun feature allows job seekers to upload their video and connect with employers instantly.
  • Diversity News: Job seekers have access to online articles, tips, and insight from experts, which will help them conduct an efficient job search.

The website was launched a little over a year ago and is growing in popularity. According to Espiritu, it has been completely embraced by employment resource centres in Ontario, the Toronto District School Board, Humber College, Scarborough Job Finding Club, Goodwill, Woodgreen and the City of Toronto. Not only does Karl manage the site, he is very hands-on with promoting its services. He attends job fairs and guest speaking events at employment resource centres and is more than willing to educate job seekers about the benefits of using

Having a website that is entirely devoted to helping people of diverse backgrounds is very much needed for both jobseekers and employers. Canada is a multicultural country and workplaces should reflect this. This website gives jobseekers a feeling of hope and reassurance that they will be able to find employment and lead a good life in Canada. Everyone deserves to have equal access to employment. By using, everyone does!

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