Immigrating: Editorial – Advice from the Experts

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By Dale Sproule

Since the staff of Canadian Newcomer Magazine is made up of people from four different countries (seven countries if you include the translators and columnists), it seemed like a good idea to let them provide the editorial for this “Immigration” issue.

So each of them answered the question, “If you were to give one important bit of advice to someone planning to come to Canada from your country of origin, what would you tell them?”

Director of Sales and Distribution, Syed Ahmed (who came 11 years ago from Pakistan) answered, “Learn the language. If you’re settling in Quebec, that means French. Most other parts of Canada, learn English. It is absolutely imperative that you speak fluently. I feel that opportunities – especially employment opportunities – will only come if you have an excellent ability to communicate.”

Assistant Editor Claudio Muñoz said, “The adjustment between Chile and Canada was not that drastic. Culturally, it is a fairly easy adjustment. But the climate is very different. So my best advice is get a parka, gortex boots, thinsulate gloves, a toque (wool hat) and prepare to enjoy the snow.” [Editor’s note: Claudio said this in the middle of a snowstorm so his response may have been a little affected by the weather that day. He also strongly supports Syed’s suggestion about learning the language.]

Account Executive Maureen Soh says, “Go to the net, look at – through this and similar websites for newcomers you will see the realities of the challenges of settling and integrating in Canada. It’s not just what you see in the tourist brochures and websites. You need to gather as much information about Canada as you can.”

Welcome to Canada from the whole staff at Canadian Newcomer Magazine!

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