Home Schooling is her Answer

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By Teenaz Javat

Farzana Bano is a smart lady.

A hospital pharmacist by profession and a married mother of four, she lives with her family near Guelph, Ontario.

Having emigrated from Pakistan when she was four, she herself is a product of a Canadian education, having attended public schools in Toronto.

However, she has decided to home school her children ranging from JK to grade seven. “The needs of each child are different, so I feel since I am only teaching four children, I can work at their pace without having the added distractions most children face in the classroom,” she says. “Also, I feel that in school and through the media children are exposed to a lot of sex and violence at an early age. I want to preserve the innocence that God gave them by limiting their exposure.”

Bano does not have TV or the internet at home. They go to the library to access the internet on a weekly basis.

Bano feels lucky that, in Canada, parents have the freedom to decide how to bring up their children. “I am not bound by the Ontario curriculum, I merely follow the guidelines. As for sex education, I want my children to learn that everything we have is a gift from God whether it is our intellect, our bodies, our souls. Even our sexuality is a gift to be enjoyed within the parameters defined by God – which is marriage. If we go beyond these boundaries it will harm our home, our family and society at large.”

Bano’s concern is simple. She has no issues with what is taught in schools, having learned it herself when she was a student in Toronto. “But my concern is that students are not taught about the immense responsibilities that come with sexual behaviour. They are not taught the healthy parameters within which to enjoy sex, which I see as a gift from God.”

“Sexuality is a very important part of our lives and by home schooling my kids I can merge sex education with studies in biology and my beliefs about sexuality and make sure that my kids understand the big picture and benefit from these beliefs,” she adds.

For Bano there is a reason and wisdom in everything.

“Each society has its own perspective on issues. Mine may be different.”

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