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Intergraph is more than just an engineering firm. They are the world’s leading engineering and geospatial software provider, geared toward making processes and infrastructures more efficient, safer, and more responsive to customer needs. Their systems and solutions enable the design and operation of efficient plants, ships, and offshore facilities. They also provide advanced geospatially powered solutions for such broad areas as transporation, government,public safety, defense, and security. Their enterprise engineering software has been used in the design of more than two-thirds of the world’s plants and industrial facilities, and their infrastructure and intelligence solutions are used by the US and other governments worldwide.

And they recognize that some of Canada’s best engineering talent is internationally-trained.

“We don’t count months or years engineers have been in Canada, but whether their background makes them suitable,” says Arnon Potic, Eastern Canada Services Manager for Intergraph’s Process, Power and Marine division. Engineers who want to work for Intergraph must be adaptable, enthusiastic people who take the initiative in learning the skills they need – and once they’ve been hired, Intergraph provides them with training, in partnership with the immigrant service agency Skills for Change in Toronto. This government-funded skills training and upgrading program is free for new Canadians. Intergraph then gives the new engineers the in-house training necessary to work on the projects they were hired for. The firm considers their investment in people more than worthwhile – it’s how they gained their reputation as the global leader in their field.

What advice does Intergraph give to internationally-trained engineers who are trying to find work in Canada?

“First of all, search and understand the current demands of the industrial market, and what companies are looking for,” says Potic. “That’s very important, really the most important thing.”

Intergraph looks for engineers with industrial backgrounds to meet the needs of its customers’ upcoming projects. They mainly hire process, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. “We are always expecting new projects, and we need engineers who know SmartPlant technology,” says Potic. Intergraph’s SmartPlant Construction system is a revolutionary way of managing engineering and construction projects, part of their SmartPlant Enterprise suite of solutions.

The system allows the complexity of scheduling, material, labour, weather variables, procurement, and all the other factors and details of a construction project to be visualized and managed efficiently. “SmartPlant technology is typical of what leading engineering firms in Canada are adopting [to make their projects work],” says Potic. “Some training in that technology will add value when searching for a job.”

A 9-month project Intergraph recently began in Western Canada provides an example of the firm’s policy for hiring globally-trained engineering talent. For this project Intergraph hired four newcomer engineers, some of them graduates of the Skills for Change training program. Intergraph gave all four engineers more in-house training, and then brought them out West to work on the project. All four are making a great success of their work, and after the project is completed, Intergraph will consider hiring them permanently.

Intergraph shows the engineering world that to be a global leader, you need to look for global talent… and Canada is where to find it.

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