Festivals: Indonesian Bazaar

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Every year, the Indonesian Consulate organizes an Indonesian Bazaar. It is an opportunity to try all kind of foods and to buy shirts, scarves and handmade artefacts from Indonesia. M. Bambang Cahyo Gunawan, Consul General of Indonesia in Toronto for more that a year, tells us that the Indonesian food and craft bazaar is very important for this community of 3,500 people in Toronto (7,000 across Canada). What’s more, it is THE best way to try and enjoy Indonesian exotic food. The Consul General explains that “at the moment there are no Indonesian restaurants in Toronto.” This food is “mainly hot and spicy and composed largely of chicken.” A typical recipe, for him, would be “the Indonesian salad, with peanut sauce. Canadians love it. But we also have Satay, white rice… Satay is a beef barbecued with peanuts.” The consul, Agun Prasetyio Aji, tells us that the food is influenced by Chinese (the main ingredient is rice) and Indian foods (mostly Satay). And sometimes it takes 7 hours to cook a recipe! If you want to try it, the once-a-year Indonesian Bazaar takes place in June at the Residence of the Consul General of Indonesia located at 47 Wimpole Drive, Toronto (Bayview and Hwy 401).

Information: www.indonesiatoronto.org

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