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ARTICLE UPDATE: On the Teach in Ontario website, it says “As of July 1, 2009, Teach in Ontario is no longer offering services to support internationally educated teachers. Although the project has ended, information about the certification and employment preparation processes continues to be available through the following links: Becoming a certified teacher in Ontario Preparing for employment Understanding the Ontario education system

The current Ontario Ministry of Education is Laurel Broten And the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada website is worth viewing at

Today, as national boundaries blur in the face of globalization, it is truer than ever that knowledge is power. That is exactly what programs like Teach in Ontario are doing; recognizing and valuing the knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience of hundreds of Internationally Educated Teachers (IETs).

Funded by the Government of Ontario in partnership with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), the Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF) and community partners like Skills for Change in Toronto, LASI World Skills in Ottawa and Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women, the program provides IETs with all the crucial links that they need in order to successfully integrate into the Ontario public school system:

  • classroom management techniques,
  • health and safety regulations,
  • special education,
  • cross cultural communication,
  • hiring practices,
  • interview preparation,
  • observorships etc.

These are all introduced through a six week employment preparation program called the STIC which is offered in both English and French. Besides this, weekly information sessions, one on one counseling, advanced language upgrading courses and French conversation classes are also offered.

The Teach in Ontario website offers country specific information on 94 different countries.

On February 15, 2007, 46 English and French IETs graduated from the program which was attended by The Hon. Minister Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Education, senior officials from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, representatives from different school boards, the OTF etc. This gala event was a phenomenal success. For more information about the program please contact Skills for Change at 416-658-3101 ext 260.

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