Different Seeds Blossom Under the Sun

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It is not easy to continue your career from where you were when you left your homeland. You may need to adjust your career path for the Canadian work environment, as demonstrated by the experiences of these two Sun Life advisors.

Late Harvest

Ricardo CespedesWhen Ricardo Cespedes first came to Canada, he worked for two years as a labourer at a stairs factory while he took English classes at night to help him get a job that wasn’t as physically and emotionally draining. Ricardo had worked as a Sales Manager in Colombia and looked forward to returning to a similar professional role here in Canada.

When a friend from his local church told him about a job information session happening at the church, Ricardo was eager to attend. That’s where he met Diego Gonzales, a Sun Life Financial manager, who spoke to Ricardo about the opportunity to become an advisor. As Ricardo describes, the opportunity “gave me hope and made me realize that my dreams were close.” Shortly after the meeting, Ricardo became a Sun Life Financial advisor and his career was underway, first as an advisor and now as a Sales Manager.

With Sun Life Financial, Ricardo has a rewarding career where he feels proud of his accomplishments and enjoys helping families every day. As Ricardo expresses, “When I can help clients by leaving a clear message about the protection they can get, or about investing for their children’s education or protecting themselves financially if they have an unexpected illness, I feel proud of myself and it makes my day.”

A whole new outlook

Alberto ReyesAlberto Reyes arrived in Canada as a new immigrant in February 1993 with his wife and two pre-school children. Alberto had difficulty getting a job related to his engineering background and experience because prospective employers asked for Canadian work experience, which he didn’t have.

However, when Alberto discovered the opportunity to become a Sun Life Financial advisor, he felt it was a job where he could earn enough money to meet his familys needs and have a flexible schedule to look after his children.

Since becoming an advisor, Alberto has helped numerous families take steps toward achieving lifetime financial security. He feels grateful for the way his work helps his clients.

“I believe the most significant moment in my career so far as an advisor was in November 1996 when I had my first death claim. The client was a single mother, age 33, with a four year old daughter.

“Her old policy had lapsed when I met her – she had no money for a reinstatement. I advised her to get a new policy for instant coverage which only required one month. She was hesitant at first but eventually followed my advice, which later proved to be right for her.

“Within six months, she was diagnosed with cancer and died within a year. Had she delayed her decision, it would have been too late for her to get coverage.

“I believe that you become a full fledged advisor when you deliver your first death claim and see the effect of your advice. Moreover, I was elated that with my foresight, her dependant father and daughter benefited from the kind of work I do.”

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