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Life in Canada

Food: Delicious Choices

By Stephanie Dickison Over the past 20 years, the selection and quality of ethnic food has been rising across the country. No matter where you live there are lots of good ethnic restaurants and markets.

Connecting Latinos

“Making a better Canada” is the name of a year-long education and outreach campaign to promote the contribution of Hispanic and Italian immigrants to Canadian nation-building. It is how Telelatino (TLN) decided to commemorate its 25 years…

Choosing a Phone

What a confusing world we live in. From one corner of the globe to the next, there are different languages, different cultures, different foods and different politics. And through all this confusion, one would hope that at least our…

Bridge to a New Career

Emmie Joaquin’s career started in the Philippines and branched out in many directions, including such roles as Public Relations Manager of a multi-national ad agency and producer and host of Good Morning Philippines weekdays.

Sports: Holy Hockey!

by William Bedford When Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in the first Canada-Russia hockey series, the whole country went on a high the like of which no drug could induce. Only a hockey game, it seems, can get Canadians en mass to…

Travel: Attractions of Eastern Canada

Canada’s Eastern-most tourist destinations are places you can only reach by air or water. Newfoundland was settled by the Viking explorer, Leif Ericsson, in 1000 A.D. If you fly to Newfoundland, you can have an amazing vacation without ever…