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As part of Ontario’s Open for Business Act, the provincial minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Dr. Eric Hoskins proposed amendment to the the Professional Engineers Act. The modification, if approved, would allow engineers to be licensed to work in the Province without being Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

The modification would eliminate one of the barriers that internationally trained engineers face to getting a license and a finding a job in their field. “We need the skills and talents of internationally trained engineers to build a strong and vibrant economy,” the minister said.

The minister recognized that in a competitive, international market, attracting the best, most talented professionals it is a complex task. The revision of the act would allow Ontario businesses to access the pool of professionals they need to thrive.

The modifications are supported by Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), the licensing and regulating body for engineering in the province. Diane L. Freeman, president of PEO explains that today it takes up to three years to get a license to work in the province. If the modifications are approved, PEO would be able to fast track the whole process, allowing people to apply for a license even before landing in Canada, through an on-line system. Thanks to it, internationally trained engineers would be able to make a faster transition.

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