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Emmie Joaquin’s career started in the Philippines and branched out in many directions, including such roles as Public Relations Manager of a multi-national ad agency and producer and host of Good Morning Philippines weekdays.

Although Sun Life Financial has had operations in the Philippines since 1895 and Emmie owned one of their life insurance policies, she had never planned for a career in sales before becoming a Sun Life Financial advisor – despite the long-time positive impression she had of the company.

After immigrating to Canada in1988, Emmie continued her love of journalism by becoming the host of two radio programs in Winnipeg. With her diverse work background, Emmie was very well-positioned to become a Sun Life Financial advisor … even if she didn’t realize it!

So when she was introduced to Jason Bonneteau, Associate Manager at the Winnipeg Financial Centre, Jason explained the nature of the business, including the ups and downs. In Emmie’s own words, “Jason never gave up on me when I had doubts about my ability to take on a career that involves sales.” Although she was totally new to the financial services industry, Sun Life Financial’s training programs for new advisors gave Emmie the tools to succeed.

Now into her third year of advising clients, Emmie is enjoying the fruits of her business. As Emmie explains, “Best of all, I have complete control of my time. Of course, the financial rewards are also significant. If one works hard, one gets compensated very well.”

Emmie’s top priority in this business has always been to meet the needs of her clients. “Honesty and sincerity – my clients know I am establishing a lifelong relationship with them.”

While meeting a lot of new friends and renewing old friendships, Emmie has grown her business and will continue to grow her business in the years ahead. Thanks to her work-life balance, she’s also able to enjoy her journalism background by volunteering as the editor-in-chief of Pilipino Express News Magazine.

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