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While we are busy living our lives, it is very easy to forget where we are going. As people, we can become comfortable in our lives and our work. However, it is important to stop and see where we are and what direction we want to go in. We have to take control of our life by planning our future. If we do not take control of our lives, the result will be that we won’t continue to learn, to grow, to face difficulties and to feel happy about the things we are doing.

When I felt that I wasn’t growing and that life was too easy, I thought that I would have to make a serious change in my life, like quitting my job and going back to school. I learned that I don’t have to make such changes to be happy in my life. I do, however, need a purpose for my life by knowing where I want it to go. I also learned that every small step that I take brings me closer to reaching my goals. Every step I take makes me feel better about myself and keeps me interested in this search for happiness. .

I remember talking to a co-worker who had very clear goals and through all of last year, I saw him reach every one of them. I saw him get a mortgage on a new house, take courses in human resources and a short time ago, find a job in the area of work that he wanted. He reached his goals while holding down a full-time job. Now that’s hard work and dedication! When I meet people like that, it makes me want to continue working towards my goals. He has done everything he wanted for himself. I know that he will not stop and I am interested in hearing what else he is going to do in his life.

I know that it is not easy to change and work towards achieving goals. I also know that the hardest part is getting started. There are many things that hold us back from our goals. Not having enough time, family responsibilities, no interest, no money and lack of support are just a few of the excuses we make – to not do it.
Barry Siskind, author of Bumblebees Can’t Fly, and my uncle gave me an exercise that I would like to share with you. This exercise will just take a few minutes to do. It will help you see where you want to go in life.

Pretend you are going into the movie business. Usually the first step to making a movie is writing a story, however we are going to fast-forward the movie to the last scene and write the script later. Of course you are going to be the hero of this movie and it’s a story of your life. The last part of the movie is going to be five years from now. When you are answering the questions, try to write down the first thing that comes to your mind. Remember that you are the hero and this is what you will see five years from now.

Write your answers in the TV GUIDE ADVERTISEMENT section beside the same number.

  1. The hero’s name.
  2. What has your hero achieved and/or done?
  3. Your hero’s greatest strength and/or skill?
  4. Your hero’s hobby and/or interest?
  5. What physical activity does your hero do?
  6. What trip/vacation has your hero taken?
  7. What are two qualities that your hero’s partner (significant other) has?
  8. What are two of your hero’s values and/or things that are important?
  9. What community or volunteer activities does your hero do?
  10. What do your business colleagues and friends say about the hero?


It’s a story of (1) __________________ who has (2) ________________ and is (3) _______________. He/She enjoys (4) ____________________,
(5) _____________________ and travels to (6) ___________________. He/She loves a
(7) __________________, __________________ person and values
(8) __________________, __________________ in loving, living and working. He/she improves the world by being involved with (9) __________________ and is often described by others as (10) __________________.

Good job! Now you have an idea of where you want to be five years from now.

Your next job is to write the script for the movie. Your story is going to include five steps your hero can take to become that person. This year some of the things I’m doing to become my hero is starting a small business, living a healthier, active lifestyle, looking for courses of interest and writing. Steps could include meeting new people, believing in the future and even smiling. Think about the things you need to do to improve your life and become the hero of your story.


By completing these exercises you have taken some very important steps. Share your plan with a friend or co-worker and ask them if you can talk about your progress with them and even get them to check in with you to make sure you are following your plan.

One last thought I want to leave with you – always believe in yourself, your abilities and the fact that you can do anything in this life. You can do it and it’s never too late to better your life and to be truly happy.

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