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Immigrant Professionals Leveraging Architectural Knowledge for New Opportunities (I-PLAN)

“Our primary goal is to provide Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) in architecture with the necessary tools to successfully integrate into the architectural workplace in Canada.”

Philip Hollett, Architect & Program Manager, I-PLAN

If you’re an Internationally Educated Professional (IEP) in architecture – then sign up now for this unique bridging program – designed by JVS Toronto in partnership with Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education, Career Edge and the Ontario Tourism Education Council (OTEC). Funded by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada, the I-PLAN program consists of six cohorts (classes or groups of students) which will be delivered over three years. The course will run for 14 weeks, followed by mentoring, internships and employment coaching, all of which is provided free of charge to participants.

“Space is still available for the first cohort of 20 participants, scheduled to start on May 14, 2012.”

For eligibility to the program, applicants require:

  • Minimum language level of CLB 8.
  • Undergraduate degree in architecture or its equivalent from a recognized university program outside of Canada.
  • Applicants with an equivalent degree in a related field may also be considered for admission to the program.
  • A minimum of two years work experience in architecture or a related field, either paid or voluntary, obtained outside of Canada.

Designed in consultation with program partners and stakeholders, the JVS I-PLAN program addresses key barriers faced by internationally trained architects, including lack of Canadian experience and the lack of sector specific job search support and advice. The program helps you prepare for successful integration into the workplace by developing a solid understanding of the architectural workplace in Canada.

Program components include:

  • Three architectural academic courses customized for IEPs in architecture. Designed to address the specific knowledge gaps resulting from the lack of Canadian experience – and delivered by Ryerson University – the courses cover 1) Building Codes and Regulations; 2) Materials and Methods; and 3) Sustainable Buildings.
  • A Canadian Workplace Essentials course. Developed by OTEC, this course was customized to improve your understanding of cultural aspects of the Canadian workplace and to give you a competitive edge.
  • Employment Preparation Activities delivered by JVS alongside the academic courses will include employment services and job search and job retention strategies, designed to address the lack of available sector specific services for IEPs in architecture.
  • Internship Placements facilitated by Career Edge though its Career Bridge Internships.
  • Work Experience Placements facilitated by JVS.

For further information on the program visit the I-PLAN webpage on the JVS website at If you wish to apply or require more details,please call 416-649-1700 or send an email with contact information to

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