100% Government Funded Employment Services For Newcomers

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by Robert Campiti, Terry Thompson and Patrick W. Hearn CVE

Patrick, Robert and Terry work for vpi – a company which operates several Employment Assessment Centres in the Greater Toronto Area. For more information on vpi’s services or the services of other providers of these services, please contact your local Service Canada office or visit www.canada.gc.ca.

Newcomers are important to the economic strength and future of Canada. With a backlog of applications from some 700,000 prospective immigrants, Canada’s federal government is working hard to improve its immigration process.

Among the most important services available to assist newcomers in their search for employment in Canada are the Employment Assessment Centres (EAC). EAC services are fully funded by the Government of Canada and completely free to newcomers.

Coming to Canada usually means leaving behind your network of friends, family and business associates, who could have helped you to regain employment quicker. But you are faced with re-establishing a network here in Canada. Visiting an EAC is the best first step you can take once you have received your SIN Card (which all employees in Canada must have).

The EAC staff’s excellent knowledge of all government funded services, training, and employment assistance available for newcomers enable them to provide employment direction and advice based on your experience and your goals. They also have an excellent knowledge of the current Canadian labour market.

EAC representatives are well trained and able to provide newcomers, at every level of education or experience, with well defined steps and options that can dramatically increase the speed at which you attain employment or re-employment in Canada.

EAC staff are truly interested in your employment goals. They have the education and knowledge to direct you to the best services for dealing with challenges you will face, such as credentialing issues, certification, effective job search tools, access to labour market information, information on career options and training, workplace culture, job interview skills and issues related to language learning and communication.

Your EAC representative will help to identify your strengths and skill gaps. They will also be happy to share their knowledge about other appropriate community services that will fill your needs.

At the end of an assessment, you will be told of available services that support your employment goals. You will also leave with a printed copy of a Return-to-Work-Action Plan with all the steps you can and should take to achieve your job goal in the shortest possible time.

In creating your Return-to-Work Action Plan, the EAC representatives consider a number of issues including workplace skills, training options, English language skills, technological changes in the workplace, location, current economic conditions, education and available government funded programs. If necessary, assessment centre representatives may also refer you to (at no additional cost) to appropriate professionals who can assist with personal issues, learning disabilities, mental health and well being.

The federal funding for Canada’s Employment Assessment Centres comes from Human Resource and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), which is now part of the newly established Service Canada. Service Canada was created to bring together government-funded services and benefits from a number of Federal Departments including HRSDC so you can get more of the help you need in one place.

Services offered through the Employment Assessment Centres like vpi (visit their website at www.vpi-inc.com) are free and available to all persons legally able to work in Canada. If you are struggling with your job search or would like to start an effective job search plan, why not visit an EAC today.

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