Would you like to be a Building Superintendent?

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Many newcomers would like to become Building Superintendents. First of all, it is an opportunity to work at home, and secondly you get a free-of-charge apartment as well as a good ($30,000 – $40,000) annual salary. Also the work duties do not seem too complex for any newcomer.

However, this job is not as simple as it seems!

So you possess strong knowledge of English language, good communication and interpersonal skills? Could you locate and fix any plumbing, heating, ventilation or air-conditioning problem? Would you be able to collect waste and keep halls, staircases and corridors clean? Do you know how to grow flowers in the summer and shovel snow during the winter months? Are you ready to collect rent and prepare new rental apartments? Are you familiar with Tenant Protection Act, Fire Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act? Can you store information in a computer using Microsoft Office? Can you manage a parking lot and settle conflicts among tenants? By the way, are you married? If not, then you have to ‘tie the knot’ immediately, because landlords prefer to hire married couples.

Where can you get all the needed knowledge and required skills? You can take a Building Superintendent course, for example, from Seneca (www.senecac.on.ca/parttime/pip-bes_certificate.html) or Humber Colleges (calendardb.humber.ca/LIS/WebCalendar/CE/CourseOffering.do? name=GTAA_001). While studying, you will receive basic knowledge on building care and upon graduation – the Canadian certificate. Moreover, you will need to practice working in residential, commercial and/or industrial buildings as a cleaner, security guard or a maintenance worker. Then you will be ready to work as a Building Superintendent.

How would you look for a Building Superintendent’s job? The visible job market is represented in various advertising media including city newspapers (classified section) or Internet, (i.e. www.workopolis.com/index.html & or www.jobbank.gc.ca/Prov_en.asp). Once you find a Building Superintendent’s vacancy, immediately grab your resume and hurry to the specified address. The best way to approach the hidden job market is by networking or look into any telephone directory and find addresses for any residential – apartment, condominium, non profit and coop housing owners, shopping mall management and real estate companies. Once you have the needed list, visit each of the places and leave your resumes in hope for a potential placement.

Ten million Canadian buildings require Building Superintendents – there’s no reason why you can’t be working in one of them! Try hard and you will succeed!

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