Career Resources for Newcomer Skilled Tradespersons

Skilled tradespeople are in demand in Canada. If you were employed in a trade in your country of origin and want to get back to it in Canada, you'll need resources. So we've put together some links for Internationally Educated Skilled Tradespersons, so you can find bridge training, credential recognition, and other resources for getting you back to your skilled trade as fast as possible. We hope these will help you in your new life in Canada.

All of Canada:
- lots of links to resources for skilled tradespersons

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC)
- links for internationally trained tradespeople in every province of Canada

Red Seal Program
- recognized as the interprovincial standard of excellence in the skilled trades
- information on working in the skilled trades in different parts of Canada

New West Partnership Trade Agreement
- Links to regulatory bodies for skilled trades in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Internationally Trained Workers – Foreign Credential Recognition
- links to international credential recognition agencies across the country

Internationally Trained Workers – Resources by Province
- links to resources for internationally trained skilled tradespersons in all provinces and territories

Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Skilled Workers
- how to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker

Careers in Oil and Gas
- information and links for skilled tradespersons wishing to work in Canada’s oil and gas industry

Explore for More – Careers in Mining
- resources for skilled tradespeople wishing to develop a mining career in Canada

Government of Canada – Foreign Credentials Referral Office
- provides information, path-finding and referral services on foreign credential recognition for internationally trained workers


Government of Ontario – Trades in Ontario site
- information and links for skilled tradespersons new to Canada

Government of Ontario – Ontario Bridge Training site
- information about bridge training for skilled tradespeople new in Canada

Internationally Trained Workers site
- information for internationally trained workers in the construction industry

La Cité collégiale
- offers skills bridging for francophone internationally-trained construction tradespeople

YMCA/YWCA National Capital Region – Power of Trades
- pre-employment bridging program for internationally trained tradespeople

Conestoga College Pathways into Trades & Apprenticeship
- offers opportunities for internationally trained tradespersons to challenge the qualification exams

The Ontario College of Trades
- This is the regulatory body for skilled trades in Ontario. They have important information for internationally trained skilled tradespeople wishing to work in Ontario.

Skills for Change
- offers 11-week programs for internationally trained HVAC mechanics, plumbers, millwrights, carpenters, construction/maintenance electricians and industrial electricians

British Columbia:

Industry Training Authority, British Columbia
- Oportunities for immigrants and internationally trained tradespeople

Skills Connect at Douglas College
- program of job placement and skills upgrading

Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP)
- employment programs for internationally trained skilled workers in over 90 recognized skilled trades


Working in Alberta
- guide for internationally trained newcomers who wish to work in Alberta

Government of Alberta - Apprenticeship and Industry Training
- important information for IESTs in Alberta

Government of Alberta
- information for internationally trained skilled tradespersons planning to work in Alberta


Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Grade Certification Commission
- important information for skilled tradespersons who want to work in Saskatchewan

- process map for internationally-trained skilled tradespeople wishing to work in Saskatchewan

IMMSkills program
- skills assessment for internationally trained tradespeople who want to work in Saskatchewan


Government of Manitoba - Trades Qualification
- IESTs can challenge the exams to qualify in their trades without additional training

Red River College - ESL for Trades
- English as a Second Language for internationally-trained tradespeople

Success Skills Centre
- helps internationally trained tradespeople become certified and employed in their trade in Manitoba

Workplace Integration of Skilled Newcomers in Trades (WISNIT)
- helps internationally trained tradespeople become certified and employed in their trade


Guide de la qualification professionnelle
- information on regulated trades in Québec (in French/ en français)

Emploi Québec
- information sur le marché de travail/ information on the labour market (in French and English/ en français et anglais)

New Brunswick:

Government of New Brunswick - Mobility/ Recognition of Credentials
- steps to take when you want to work in New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island:

Government of Prince Edward Island
- information on apprenticeship, training and certification for skilled tradespeople in PEI

Government of Prince Edward Island – PNP International Graduates
- Provincial Nominee Program – information about the PEI PNP for internationally trained tradespeople

PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada
- programs for newcomer skilled tradespersons – certifications, training, international qualification recognition

Nova Scotia:

Government of Nova Scotia
- information for newcomer skilled tradespeople who wish to continue their careers in Nova Scotia

Hants County, Nova Scotia
- links to resources for newcomers wishing to live and work in Nova Scotia

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Association for New Canadians – Employment Services
- services and resources for internationally trained tradespeople wishing to work in Newfoundland and Labrador

Career Information Resource Centre/ Employment Outreach Services
- information and links for those wishing to work in Newfoundland and Labrador

Immigrate to Newfoundland and Labrador
- information and links for getting your credentials recognized in Newfoundland and Labrador


Arctic College – PLAR Program
- information on the college’s Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition program for internationally trained newcomers who wish to work in Canada. They also have Skilled Trades Training Programs

Northwest Territories:

Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program
- information on the territory’s PNP program and how it can benefit internationally trained skilled tradespeople wising to work in NWT.

Career and Employment Development Division - Career Resources
- links to information for job-seekers in Northwest Territories


Government of Yukon – Apprenticeship and Trades Qualification
- information about qualifying to work in the skilled trades in Yukon