Get a Job in Your Field

If you've immigrated to Canada with a profession or skilled trade, you probably want to get back to working in your field as soon as possible. We've collected lots of resources here for you, so you can get your qualifications recognized, find bridging programs and training courses, look for a job, and start getting back to the work you know and love.

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Survival Jobs: Sometimes you have to take a job you don't really want, as a stepping stone on your journey to furthering your career. We call these jobs "survival jobs", because you only do them to get enough money to survive on while you're taking the steps needed to get back into your real career in Canada.

THESE ARE NOT JOBS YOU SHOULD STAY IN. The biggest mistake you can make as a newcomer is to keep a survival job. They aren't careers. They don't pay well. They have no future. They are for now, NOT forever.

If you need a survival job for a short period of time, click on the picture below for resources to help you find one. And once you have one, may you soon leave it!

Watch some great advice from a newcomer who got a job in her field in Canada: