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by Sohail Khan
Project Manager Skills International

Skills International is an Internet-based employment initiative that is dedicated to highlighting the talent and skills of pre-screened Internationally Educated and Trained Professionals and Skilled Trades who are residing in Canada and have been pre-qualified by communitybased agencies as “job ready”.

How Does It Work?

The mandate of Skills International is to market registered candidates to employers across Ontario, by presenting prospective employers with detailed information on the candidate’s education, work experience and skills. The candidate’s profile also includes scanned copies of certificates, assessments, letters from previous employers and the ability to include a video introduction. The profile tells the complete story of a candidate’s work history and achievements to a prospective employer. Skills International’s role in this marketplace is to present the candidate’s information to employers so that they are able to make an informed and timely business decision. Unlike at other job sites, these employers have come to Skills International specifically looking to hire a newcomer like you – so you are on an equal footing with all the other candidates.

The Process

Internationally educated and trained professionals and skilled tradespeople are able to access the services of Skills International through a referral process from community based partners across Ontario. A candidate must successfully complete a job preparation program through a partnering community-based agency and then be referred to Skills International by the community-based partner in order to be profiled on Skills International. Once referred, the candidate is given account information and is able to login and build their profile on Skills International. All information is reviewed and approved by the community-based agency before it is published on the website and before it is viewable by employers. Candidates also provide copies of their certificates and other documents to the community-based partner, which is then provided to Skills International, scanned, and attached to the candidate’s profile. As a not-forprofit project there is no fee for candidates to use the services of Skills International.

Employer Focus

The primary target audience and customer forSkills International is the employer. In the development of Skills International, we focused on the needs of employers and built an application that allowed employers to manage the complete application process. Employers are able to post job opportunities and/or perform ad hoc searches for the skills they require. Skills International candidates never apply to these job postings, but are automatically matched based on a ‘best fit’ criteria through licensed matching technology. The employer is then able to review the matched candidates, evaluate their profile and contact them directly.

Why RegisterWith Skills International

Skills International provides employers with a pool of prescreened and prequalified candidates that have completed a job preparation program through a partnering community-based agency. The candidate’s information has been reviewed and approved by their counsellor and through multiple levels of checking before it is published to the website and viewed by employers. Employers are able to trust the data, and have access to additional documentation and information about the candidate that reinforces the skills, education and work experience listed on the profile.

The Skills International project was undertaken in 2004 and was originally funded and sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The website was launched in March of 2006 and is currently funded by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

How to register

internationally educated and trained professionals and people in skilled trades should ask at the agency where they have been taking their job preparation program if they can be registered with Skills International. This is a government funded not-forprofit project. There is no fee to candidates.

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