Reena – Developmental Disabilities Counsellor Program

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Reena is a non profit organization that offers services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Reena and its partners (see sidebar) support people in many different areas of daily living skill development toward more independence. This may include assistance with hygiene, food preparation, medical appointments, finances, and a number of other areas of daily living.

In 2003, Reena began running the Developmental Disabilities Counsellor program. This program was developed to address a sector wide shortage of staff trained to work in the field of developmental services.

As a result of this first program being successful, a second program was offered in 2004 in partnership with George Brown College. In the year 2006, Reena and George Brown College, entered into partnerships with six other Developmental Service Agencies.

The program has been so successful in addressing the staffing shortage in this sector, as well as providing students with direction and career paths, that the Developmental Disabilities Counsellor (DDC) Program now runs twice a year in January and July.

The uniqueness about this four month certificate program is that there is a paid placement component that allows students to earn back their tuition.

As well Reena is proud to say that over 95 percent of their program graduates are employed. Upon successful completion of the in class and placement portion, students are guaranteed a job interview with one of the partnering agencies. This is a “win-win” scenario for graduates of our program.

There is a formal process of application and acceptance for those interested in taking part in this program. The first prerequisite is that an applicant must have a genuine desire and interest to work with people in a helping career. Reena and its partners are so proud of the program and it’s success that they welcome you to visit their website at to learn more about the organization and the Developmental Disabilities Counsellor (DDC) Program.

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