Recreation: A Fun and Winning Way to Spend the Winter

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Hockey is the national game of your new homeland – and learning to play hockey is a great way to learn more about Canadian culture and a great winter pastime for sports loving people from around the world.

True North Hockey realizes that not everyone has had a chance to learn the game while growing up – especially if you come from a country where hockey is not as popular as it is in Canada. Steve Edgar of True North Hockey says that their Adult Beginner Hockey program is very popular with new immigrants.

And it’s not just for men. Canada’s National Women’s hockey team is the best in the world and women’s leagues are thriving across the country. True North Hockey offers a women’s beginner league as well as an adult co-ed league where men and women can play together in a non-contact hockey league dedicated to providing safe, highly organised hockey for adults from beginner to advanced. True North makes sure that the game is fun and fair for everyone by grouping teams into distinct tiers at similar skill levels. This tier system is unique in the Adult Hockey market and keeps the play competitive, not frustrating.

True North offers hockey school instruction from Skatebiz Adult Hockey School and Hockey Central School. Both schools have professional instructors and over 15 years experience in Adult Beginner instruction. And True North doesn’t just teach you how to play hockey, they will set you up with a team that you can play on for life. There is no such thing as a player not good enough to play. All you need to be able to do is to skate forward, turn and stop, even if it’s only one way. If you can roller blade, you can play hockey.

The Beginner program starts in November and consists of 10 weeks of hockey school, 10 regular season stop-time games, including playoffs and a professional uniform. Spots are limited and the program is offered in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. For more information, call 416-231-8642 or visit their website at

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