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Rain or Shine Seasonal Jobs – a Good Employment Alternative

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by Freddy Velez

One of the first things you learn about Canada is that there are four seasons here: winter, spring, summer and autumn. But what do you know about seasonal jobs?

Seasonal jobs are employment opportunities offered only during special times of the year such as summer and pre-Christmas.

“These kinds of jobs provide temporary work that is expected to last only until the end of a season,” says Angelica Goicochea, Employment Consultant and Mentoring Coach who works for Acces Employment Services, an agency in Toronto that specializes in helping newcomers.

The range of jobs varies from retail sales attendants to snow shovellers, waiters to film extras in the movie industry. You could become a courier driver, a tree planter or a life guard, if you want to make some money while you find a better and more permanent job.

Goicochea explains that while seasonal jobs may be preferable for some, such as students, “it may not be the optimal pattern for many workers who face various barriers to secure, year-round employment.”

Still there are some benefits of landing one of these jobs. “Seasonal jobs can help you to gain not only Canadian work experience but to develop other skills that will be needed later on.”

Your success in getting a seasonal job will depend on how soon you start looking. “The search for seasonal jobs should begin six months in advance, usually around January for most summer jobs and around November for summer camp jobs.”

The demand for employees in different sectors depends on the season of the year. For example, bookstores do most of their sales between November and December, when people buy their Christmas presents.

Usually, the retail industry does the most hiring from the fall through to the end of the year. Ski resorts, island resorts, casinos, parks and cruise lines all hire seasonally too.

Do you know how many Christmas cards are delivered every year? Look for a position with Canada Post. They need extra staff to handle the holiday rush. So do courier companies.

At the end of the year you should start preparing for the tax season, but not to fill out your tax return forms but to help others do so. Go and find out about opportunities with tax firms in your area.

A good idea is to ask a previous employer if they plan to hire extra holiday help. The fact that they know you and that you have prior training can be a big plus!
These jobs can be found on the internet, community centres, and local community newspapers.

The requirements to obtain a seasonal job will depend on the job itself. “For example, for a summer camp job, some of the requirements will be that the person enjoys the outdoors, and has leadership skills and enthusiasm,” Goicochea said.

Salaries vary according to the level of the position. “A person with a management position will have more responsibilities: Therefore, the salary will be higher than a clerk working for the same employer.”


Seasonal Jobs & the Internet

If you are interested in finding out more about seasonal jobs, surf the internet. Below you will find some websites addresses where you can find out more information about specific jobs in Canada.

SummerJobs.com offers summer and seasonal staff positions with camps, resorts, national parks, hotels, environmental organizations and more.
There are a variety of job listings throughout Canada that can be searched by province or city.

The Ontario Camping Association maintains an online job board that lists seasonal job vacancies at accredited camps across Ontario. Camps offer positions, from Counselors to Assistant Directors. New jobs appear every week, so check back often.

The Canadian National Exhibition runs from August 20 to September 6. Job applications are available on the CNE website.

Are you a hard-working, enthusiastic individual looking for lots of fun, new friendships and good wages? If you are, apply for a job at Centreville Amusement Park, on Toronto Island. Great positions are available in Food Services, Retail Sales, Rides, Game Operations, and Ticket Sales.

Harbourfront Centre is situated on Toronto’s waterfront. It is a facility for contemporary culture. Its year round operation offers some 4,000 internationally acclaimed events ranging from music, literary and theatrical festivals to children’s activities and crafts shops.

Look for Ontario summer jobs with business, community organizations and government at:

Seasonal and permanent jobs can be found at Canada’s Wonderland.

This Ontario government program can help you find a summer job. It provides free services to improve your job search and self-marketing skills. It also provides a $2 per hour wage support for jobs with business and farms, as well as with not-for-profit and other community organizations.

There are opportunities for youth and students in the Ontario Public Service, associated agencies and community groups through its summer employment programs. Positions are available in “fish and wildlife” programs in provincial parks, community based recreation programs, administration of justice and law enforcement, public safety.

This family owned and operated tree planting company that plants trees in Northeast in spring and early summer offers great earning potential for motivated individuals.

Ice cream vendors are needed during all summer festivities.

Jobs available in construction (labour work) could be found at:

Although it doesn’t hold a candle to BC’s Whistler Ski Resort in terms of the number of jobs available, Ontario’s Blue Mountain offers a variety of jobs in winter tourism

In 2006, Future Shop set a goal of recruiting 2,200 staff in Eastern Canada for the Christmas season

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