A Doctor On the Police Board

“I have had the privilege of studying in India and a lot of what I have achieved today in Toronto can be traced back to a rock-solid education I was exposed to while growing up there." – Dr. Dhun Farokh Noria.

Top 10 Ways to Get Canadian Experience

By Shawn Mintz Are you Internationally Educated? If so you should congratulate yourself. You are brave and courageous. It takes a very special person who can leave their country and start over in Canada. The following are the top ten ways…

Different Seeds Blossom Under the Sun

It is not easy to continue your career from where you were when you left your homeland. You may need to adjust your career path for the Canadian work environment, as demonstrated by the experiences of these two Sun Life advisors.

English: First ELT Group Graduates

By A. Scheerder Many new Canadians graduated from the first Enhanced Language Training "English for the Workplace" course of 2006/2007, organized by the Toronto District School Board and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The…