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If you’re an internationally trained engineer, architect or other construction professional looking to gain Canadian credentials, George Brown College has a great one year program to prepare you for a career in construction management.

Aging: Staying Involved

As we grow older, we tend to be happy with the things we know and understand, and much less comfortable with things that are new to us. We lose both our tolerance for change and our ability to adapt to it.

English Spoken Here

Jyoti Kulraj Dhindsa hails from Patiala, the wheat bowl of India’s Punjab. She is married to Kulraj Dhindsa a Canadian citizen. Jyoti arrived in Canada in 1998 as a young bride speaking only Punjabi. Hailing from an agrarian society she was…

A Diverse Workplace

It is a common practice for job seekers to use some of the free employment services available within their community. This article will take a look at some of the similarities of going to work and going to an employment resource centre.…

Newcomers: Baljit Sethi – Role Model

Consuelo Solar When Baljit Sethi arrived in Canada in 1972 from India, she was in her late thirties and had left an artistic career behind. She looked for work as a performing artist and tried to establish herself as a painter, but soon…

Aim to Make Homework Fun

During my interview with young Brazilian student Joao Felipe Galon Sa, he told me how he has improved in his studies since his arrival to Canada, two years ago, not speaking any English. “On the flight over, I was seated next to a Canadian…

Aging: Keep Moving

Retirement is the time of life when people stop working. Usually retirement is encouraged between the ages of 55 and 65 as people become eligible for pension, or able to live off their retirement savings.