Northern Ontario is rich with opportunities for engineers

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Mining projects are booming in Northern Ontario with everything from chromite to gold.Of note is the area, called “The Ring of Fire”, which is in the James Bay Lowlands, where a major mining exploration project is currently taking place. Both Open Pit and Underground mining is occurring. There are opportunities in this field for most disciplines of engineering. Mine owners and developers need engineers to help run the mines once they are built. Before that, engineering consultants and geologists perform preliminary economic analysis. If it appears that a mine is viable, further design efforts are undertaken with feasibility studies to determine more closely the costs of development and operation for the facilities. If a profitable mine is still indicated and financial backing obtained, the detailed engineering design can begin. Most often, a facility (mill) for crushing, grinding and initial metal separation is required to concentrate the final product for shipping to a smelter.

In these processes, engineering and technical people are required to perform the civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering designs to construct a mill and to plan and excavate a mine. Internationally-trained and experienced engineers are valuable to the continued success of the North. The demand for technical professionals far exceeds the existing supply of talent currently available in the North. Outside resources are required to provide the depth of experience and the quantity of personnel needed to satisfy the growing demands of the mining industry in the North.

Professions North/Nord: Support for Internationally-Trained Engineers

Professions North/Nord (PNN) works with internationallytrained professionals (ITPs) to leverage their global education and experiences so that they can obtain employment in their field. PNN also provides assistance to help them adapt to the Canadian workplace. PNN is funded by the Government of Ontario under Laurentian University’s Faculty of Management. As a result, services are offered free of charge to eligible candidates. Their bilingual services include:

  • Portfolio Development
  • Intercultural Communication for the Canadian Workplace
  • Bridging to Accreditation
  • Networking, Mentorship, Work Placement

These services offer the ITP valuable tools to pursue their engineering career. With this preparation they can look forward to employment connections in Northern Ontario, where opportunities abound for qualified engineers.

For further information on Professions North’s services, including how to register, visit: For many resources on immigrating to Northern Ontario cities such as North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Timmins and Thunder Bay visit: For information on the Professional Engineers of Ontario visit: The Professional Engineers of Ontario website.

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