Newcomers: Dr. Dahir M. Hashi, the First Somali Chiropractor in Canada

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by Abdirahman Hosh Jibril & Mohamud Dhafuuje

About 15 years ago, Dahir Hashi came to Canada as a refugee from Somalia. He had minimal formal education and very little comprehension of the English language. He attended ESL classes to improve his understanding of the language and in 1990, he applied to secondary school in Mississauga where he was placed in grade nine. During high school, he discovered a knack for track and field. He won numerous awards and was offered athletic scholarships in some U.S. universities while still in high school but decided to stay here, close to his family.

In 1995 Dahir Hashi enrolled in Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. In June 2000, he graduated in the honours program with cum laude. With a degree in health sciences under his belt, he applied to Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) – one of only two schools in Canada that offer a degree in Doctor of Chiropractic. Only 160 students were accepted into the program out of thousands of applicants from around the world.

Chiropractors treat problems in joints, bones, muscles and the nervous system, using their hands to make gentle, specific adjustments to improve the efficiency of your nervous system and proper functioning of your joints, ligament and muscles. Chiropractic therapies include massage, ultrasound, electric, cold and heat to aid in the healing of the muscles, joints, and nerves. Chiropractic does not involve the use of any drugs or surgery. After four years of demanding academic and clinical study, he graduated in May of 2004 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After writing national and provincial board examinations , Dr. Hashi received his licence and he currently practices at Active Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Center located at 2095 Weston Road in Toronto’s west end.

If you have any illnesses you want assistance with (he speaks Somali), please do not hesitate to contact him. And if you are interested in pursuing a career as a chiropractor, he is happy to share the necessary information about the field. Dr. Hashi’s email address is: .’; document.write(‘<a ‘=”” +=”” path=”” ‘\”=”” prefix=”” ‘:’=”” addy55148=”” ‘\’=””>’); document.write(addy_text55148); document.write(‘<\/a>’); //–>\n

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The Somali community hopes Dr. Hashi’s success inspires Somali youth to stay in school and remember that you can be whatever you want as long as you follow through with hard work and dedication.

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