Newcomer Interns Wanted by Seagoing Canadian Forces Branch

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As announced recently in the CFB Esquimault Lookout, New Canadians now have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with the Canadian Forces. MARPAC – Maritime Forces Pacific – is now participating in the Federal Internship for Newcomers program.

The program matches qualified newcomers with managers for a three-month period of casual employment. This benefits both the manager – who will have skilled help – and the newcomer, who will gain work experience, interview skills, and potential networking opportunities.

“It’s a strategy that allows us access to newcomer communities and offers them something they need,” says David Lau, acting MARPAC diversity and workforce renewal desk officer. “It provides us with people in those communities to build awareness of federal employment.”

MARPAC is partnering with the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre to find people to fill the positions, which are administrative and computer support related. CIC will screen potential candidates for proper qualifications.

“This initiative is win-win. It gives MARPAC the opportunity to develop closer relationships with local newcomer communities and encourages career development at DND. The Internship strategy directly addresses the rapidly changing regional demographics and will help reduce barriers to our future job competitions giving MARPAC a wider range of qualified applicants for future job competitions. The benefit for the Interns is that get a fantastic resume-boosting opportunity to apply their skills in the federal workplace while building their future here in Canada.”

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