Medical: Tips for Visiting a Hospital Patient

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  1. Check visiting hours and restrictions. Call the receptionist or visit the hospital’s website to find out.
  2. Do not visit a patient if you are sick. Colds and flu are not welcome at any hospital.
  3. If possible, leave your children at home. Sometimes kids get bored, they misbehave and can become a source of stress for patients. If you have to take them with you, explain the situation beforehand and ask them to behave.
  4. Go to the nurse’s station to check the patient’s room number (you should have it in advance) and the status of the patient (they might be sleeping or talking with a doctor at the time).
  5. What about a small gift? Magazines, books, music, DVDs to watch on a laptop or even slippers might be a great gift. It is important to find out the patient’s condition first, though – if the doctor recommended total repose, an action movie is not a good idea – and the hospital may not allow such items as radios, DVD players, or laptops.
  6. If you are not a member of the family, do not ask nurses or doctors about the patient’s condition. Ask the family, or even the patient.
  7. Be polite with other patients. Speak quietly; leave the room when the visiting time ends. Avoid perfumes and wear antiperspirant.

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