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Dear Editor,
Re: Effectiveness of ESL Classes – Issue 19

Just a note about this article in the issue cited: not all LINC classes and centres are faced with a waiting list for classes and/or childminding. In undertaking your due diligence in writing the article, the central YMCA should have been contacted for a more accurate picture of the issues the LINC program is undergoing. It’s quite true that in certain parts of the city of Toronto (namely Scarborough, East York and North York) there are waiting lists. But, in central and west Toronto, classes are not filled, and childminding spaces are available. It is also true that when asked, many of these clients refuse to attend open classes in a part of the city that is not in their neighbourhood. Please also note that TTC tokens/tickets are provided for the client and for their children.

Another important detail is that a child must be 18 months old in order to attend the childminding (with a limit of 5 years old.) Parents with younger children than 18 months need to wait in order to attend class. This is probably another one of the delays in their English language training.

Unfortunately, any newcomers now reading this article, will assume that there is no space for them or their children at a LINC Centre. It would probably be worthwhile to write a more up-to-date article, starting with information from the YMCA Assessment Centre; Teresa Costa, Manager (416) 928-3362, ext. 4033 would be the contact.

Rose A. Smith
Acting LINC Coordinator
Skills for Change

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