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Dear Mr.Sproule,

I am writing in response to the letter of Ms.Dianna Lai which was published in the magazine (Issue 5 – Spring 2005).

Language difficulties exist, no matter if an immigrant arrived from China, Poland or Germany or, in some cases, even if a Canadian-born person just relocated to English-speaking province of Canada from Quebec. Therefore, this is not about Eurocentrism or superiority of Western culture, as Ms.Lai sees it.

Our new country, Canada, was built by people of mostly Western culture who spoke not only English, but also German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian and many other European languages. In no way does this mean that great contributions from other cultures must be ignored, including the role of South East Asian community.

In 1980, as she writes, her parent chose Canada as their country of refuge and as their new home. This allowed them to succeed and make sure their children won’t be fighting for a cup of rice or somehow else surviving in some communist labour camp barracks, but becoming a student or professional and a person free to move around the globe, if they wish, and try every opportunity available for a Canadian citizen.

I think Ms.Lai must remember this when she is accusing some Canadians of European ancestry in writing articles which, as Ms.Lai put it, `scream that western culture is the best culture`. And should appreciate Western culture for creating such political, social, and economical systems as Canadian which allowed our parents to succeed and become proud of us with or without an accent.

Pavel Ananyev

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