Invest in Education for Latin America

by Melanie Goldmintz

The Alma Children’s Education Foundation (Alma) is transforming education in remote, marginalized communities in Latin America. The foundation provides impoverished children with high quality education that reinforces critical thinking, creativity and learning through play.

But bringing education to remote communities is not always easy. These communities are difficult to travel to, do not have telephone service or internet, and many times do not have electricity. In addition to the challenging physical landscape, often there are unexpected obstacles to a project’s success. For example, meet Alexandra.

Alexandra is a smart, talented girl from Peru, whom Alma tried to help a few years back. After being deceived, kidnapped and placed into a women’s shelter, Alexandra needed Alma’s support. Alma tried to coordinate schooling and work for Alexandra, to help give her a chance to become financially self-sufficient. Unfortunately, unexpected challenges with thievery forced Alexandra to not continue her schooling.

Alma continued to help her, but in a new way. Alexandra, who was then 17 years old and pregnant, was placed into one of Alma’s projects Centro Yanay - a learning occupational centre for at-risk female youth, located in Cusco. At Centro Yanay Alexandra worked and continued learning about one of her true talents - cosmetology. Fast forward two years, and Alexandra is now a self-sufficient, successful, small business owner. She runs her own little salon in Cusco based on the valuable skills she learned at Centro Yanay.

Alma is very proud of Alexandra’s accomplishments. Her story, represents the amazing potential children and youth have when you invest in their education.

Through impactful projects like Centro Yanay, Alma has supported over 5,000 children like Alexandra! With only one employee in Canada, reaching 5,000 children is an incredible milestone for the small charity.

To celebrate this milestone, Alma’s goal is to inspire 5,000 new people to become informed on the challenges (and successes) in the international development sector, specifically, education for children in Latin America. Because the more people who know, the more people who care, and that is when we have the power to change the world.

Alma is inviting the public to celebrate this milestone with them at their Alma Annual Party in Toronto, on June 9, 2016. Visit the Alma website

to learn how you can join the celebration, learn more about their projects and how you can invest in education for children in Latin America.