Job-Hunting: Expanding Networks with Speed Mentoring

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Mentoring and informational interviews are two of the best methods for newcomers to make connections and start building their own networks in the Canadian workplace. Speed mentoring combines those two powerful tools, enabling newcomers to meet and speak with not just one, but a number of professionals from their field in a single afternoon. Speed mentoring sessions of 10 minutes each enable mentees to get answers to questions and expert advice from prospective employers.

On November 30th, ACCES Employment launched its inaugural Speed Mentoring® signature event at the Toronto Board of Trade. Over 120 mentors from 65 different companies met more than 120 new Canadian mentees. It was kicked off with a short speech from Lynn Roger, a senior Vice-President from BMO Financial Group the exclusive industry sponsor for the speed-mentoring program.

  • Since Speed Mentoring began in September, 2006, more than 1,900 clients have benefited from contacts established through Speed Mentoring events, thanks to ACCES partnerships with more than 100 participating companies.

    The corporate partnerships established from Speed Mentoring have played an important role in achieving an 80 percent employment success rate at ACCES’ five locations across the GTA.

  • The Speed Mentoring strategy and best practice is gaining momentum, and more and more companies are getting involved. In partnership with BMO Financial Group, ACCES will be sharing Speed Mentoring with agencies doing similar work in cities across the country, starting with Vancouver in 2011.

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