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Canadian Newcomer Magazine – “the How-to Magazine for New Canadians” is poised for huge growth.

This summer, we expanded our distribution from coast to coast in Canada. The magazine can be found in over 100 towns and cities from coast to coast.

Our new Settlement Roadmap web tool is an online guidebook for newcomer resources in Canada. Settlement Roadmap will be promoted and accessible through, our corporate website which receives over 700 visitors per day.

The Settlement Roadmap Beta Version has just launched. We’ve been shaking the bushes in the settlement sector across the country to engage community support and participation, and are building a complete database of Settlement resources and resource providers.

We are looking for an active partner, or a silent investor/consortium of investors.

What is being offered:

One block of 119,000 new common shares (33.5% of Canadian Newcomer Magazine Inc.)

Depending on the nature of the investor, we will entertain all offers of at least $1.20 per share, reserving the rights to select the offer that is most agreeable to the directors rather than simply accepting the highest offer.

While we would consider bids for smaller blocks (as small as 5000 shares), we would prefer to find a single investor. But in any case, the total will never exceed 350,000 common shares (231,000 are held by existing shareholders).

Who is our ideal investor:

Individuals and organizations who want to engage newcomers and newcomer communities across Canada.

Individuals and organizations who want to play a part in how information to new and prospective immigrants is disseminated; and to ensure that this information is timely, honest, useful and unbiased.

Individuals and organizations who want to establish a business foothold in Canada (the investment size should be sufficient to qualify individual investors for entrepreneur class immigration into Canada).

Canadian investors who understand the importance of communicating Canadian values and lifestyle insights to help guide newcomers through the settlement and integration process.

Our decision will be made on or before September 15th in consideration of all bids received before September 1, 2011. Please contact for more information.

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