Engineering Your Way Around the Barriers

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All of the directors of Electromechanical School (EMS) are immigrants, so they are aware of the many difficulties that face internationally educated electrical and mechanical engineers in getting their credentials recognized. That’s why they are committed, above all else, to helping their students overcome those difficulties in order to gain recognition and employment in their field.

If you have professional credentials and training in electrical and mechanical technology, EMS can help you with hands-on training, exam preparation and employment support. School principal lurie Dmitrenco says that 80 percent of their students find employment in their field within six months. Almost all the courses are offered in the evening and on weekends, so you can complete the courses while working full time.

Classrooms at EMS are well equipped with state-of-the-art software, computers, electrical, electronic and mechanical industrial equipment. The school has a good resource library and is staffed by industry practitioners – electrical and mechanical engineers who each have 20 to 30 years of field experience.

Since Dmitrenco came to Canada with a PhD degree in Engineering from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, he has personally provided mentoring and consulting support to over 1,000 internationally trained professionals and is committed to working for equality of access and opportunity for all members of the community.

So it is no surprise that EMS puts such a strong emphasis on employment support. In addition to assessing skills and qualifications, teaching occupational terminology, and helping students get licenced and certified, the school provides an overview of the industry and points out opportunities you may not have considered. EMS keeps an up-to-date database on local industries, employers, equipment and technologies. They can often place students in co-op programs and help you prepare for job interviews and even help you find accommodation in the workplace.

If you’re an unemployed or underemployed electrical or mechanical engineer, call Electro Mechanical School at 416-398-0468, or visit their campus at 3963 Chesswood Drive – which is a ten minute walk from the subway station at Sheppard and Allen. By this time next year, you could be working in your field.

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