Editorial Guidelines

Canadian Newcomer Magazine welcomes freelance submissions of stories, photos, illustrations, puzzles, quizzes and cartoons. Send queries, questions or submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payments for Contributors

Photographers and Illustrators:
Cover photographers are paid at a flat rate of $200.00 per image. Interior photographers and illustrators are paid at a negotiable rate of $50.00 per image. We strongly encourage writers to submit public domain, non-copyright or free publicity images. It not only enhances the look of your story, it increases your chance of a sale to us, so please inquire about availability of free images from the subjects of your article.

Canadian Newcomer pays freelance writers 10 cents per word and up on acceptance, depending upon what we feel your story is worth to the publication. We won’t be able to tell you what rate you will be offered until we read your article, but…here are some general guidelines to our payscale:

Sponsored Editorial:

A story or column that promotes you, your product or service is an efficient, economical vehicle for reaching your audience with valuable information. But it will not be considered as a freelance submission. It is a "sponsored article" and you should check under the advertising tab for the rates.

10 to 30+ cents per word
Your first sale to us will always be paid at 10 cents a word - until we get a grasp of your ability to write well and to deadline.

After the first story, your rate will increase to 12-15 cents depending on the subject matter and then gradually to 20 cents a word and up. We want enlightening, instructional or inspirational stories in simple English (accessible to Benchmark 5 ESL readers) that provide good usable information about a worthy program, product or service that is accessible to or aimed at helping recent immigrants get settled, employed, or integrated into Canadian society.

We are also very open to other stories of particular interest to newcomers, whether they are from an immigrant perspective to or illuminate some aspect of Canadian history, philosophy or lifestyle. Submissions and proposals should include quotations from reliable and relevant sources, testimonies and statistics. They should also be entertaining, creative (non-formulaic), and offer new perspective or ideas. Exceptional stories that tackle profound topics, propose new points of view and create discussion will be paid at a higher rate.

For the most part, we do not want to see over-the-top enthusiasm, non-constructive criticism or blind condemnation of the Canadian system; but within those boundaries, we welcome opinionated or even revolutionary dialogue. (But remember always to express yourself in simple language).

If we do not feel that your submission is worthy of the proffered word rate, you may be asked to rewrite or offered a lower rate (never less than 10 cents a word). If you refuse our terms, your submission will be rejected without a kill fee.

Payment for puzzles, quizzes and cartoons to be negotiated at time of sale.

Upcoming Themes (although submissions are not required to fit into the themes):

"Success by Degrees: a Colleges and Universities Issue" Proposal Deadline May 1. Submission deadline May 15

"We Want You Here: Canadian Municipalities Seeking Immigrants" Proposal Dealine July 1. July 15