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As the world turns, every day brings change. For Canadian Newcomer, the biggest change of all took place in mid-December 2010, when Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) sent us a letter notifying us that they would no longer be funding the printing, distribution or translation of this magazine as they had been doing since 2005.

CIC’s contribution represented half of our annual revenue, so we immediately understood that we would need to do things differently in order to continue publishing. While the solution was not immediately obvious, we realized over the next few weeks that the only way we could survive on our own was to grow. With an advertising base that extends across the entire country, along with banner ads and content partners on our websites, we have an opportunity to more than double our previous income. And as much as we appreciate CIC’s support (we could not have made it through the early days without it), we now appreciate the fact that the government no longer has any influence over what we say or do not say within our pages.

And not only is Canadian Newcomer growing; on June 15th, 2011, we launched Settlement Roadmap in French and English. It’s a new web tool that provides the same type of information as our popular annual Settlement Guides – only now, instead of helping you find settlement, language and employment resources only in Ontario, we’re helping you find those resources across Canada, from Victoria B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland.

As a result of our recent growth, we’re looking for new writers and photographers from Western Canada, Atlantic Canada and the territories. So whether you’re involved in the settlement sector – or you’d simply like to write about the concerns of newcomers and help people settle more comfortably and quickly in Canada – we invite you to explore the idea of writing for us. Contact jill@cnmag. ca or dale@cnmag.ca and we’ll help you get started.

Please visit our website to look for opportunities to grow with us. Over the next little while, Canadian Newcomer will be opening up new distribution outlets, looking for volunteers, recruiting interns and offering great opportunities to new investors. We’d love to hear from you.

Dale Sproule,

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