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Living in Canada

Environment: Growing Up Green

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." I have known this Native American proverb for years, but it only really hit home when I became a mother myself. Thinking one day my kids will have to suffer…

Life: Driving in the Big City

by Sioban Costelloe Living in Toronto is a bit scary for an island-girl like me. It is a huge challenge for anyone who comes from an island where one road leads to everywhere and our directions are usually up or down, left or right.

Festivals: Indonesian Bazaar

Every year, the Indonesian Consulate organizes an Indonesian Bazaar. It is an opportunity to try all kind of foods and to buy shirts, scarves and handmade artefacts from Indonesia. M. Bambang Cahyo Gunawan, Consul General of Indonesia in…

Dealing With the Commute

Abena had achieved her goal—an entry-level position in an IT firm at the west end of Toronto. Smiling widely, she recalled the many courses and workshops she had taken since arriving in Guelph four years ago. Her efforts had finally paid…