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Higher Level ESL for the Internationally Trained

Published March 2005. Some information in this article is outdated. Joe Volpe, the new Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and Mary Anne Chambers, Ontario 's Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, announced a…

ESL Redefined at George Brown

Before George Brown College moved their ESL department to their new location, on the 3rd and 4th floors at 341 King St. E. in Toronto, there were stories of students getting lost between classrooms on the Casa Loma campus because the…

ESL/Computer Courses Do Double Duty

Before she took her first ESL/Computer Skills course, the only thing Mila Miguel knew about the machines was how to switch one on. Today, her skills are so advanced that she’s training others.

English: ABC of ESL – Mind Your Language

English language ability is very important for any newcomer to Canada. As Dunja Metikos Debeljacki, Director, YMCA Language Assessment and Referral Centre, says, “Language is the single-most important determinant of success in a newcomer’s…

ESL with a Twist

by Teenaz Javat Not all ESL programs are the same. Sometimes they are modified to serve students with different needs.

English: Quick and Easy Online ESL

You’re new to Canada. Improving your English or French is likely high on your list. But you’re also busy setting up your new life. There’s an online service called LingQ ( that is helping people around the world learn…

ESL Like Student Like Teacher

by Marty Green As an ESL teacher, I try to encourage my adult newcomer students as much as possible. Yes, you can learn English. Yes, you can find work in Canada.