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Distance Education: Learn While You Earn

You need to work to support your family, but you have to go back to school to get Canadian credentials for a good job. How can you do both? Many people today use distance education, especially if they have problems understanding spoken…

Grammar to GO

by Claudio Muñoz Mike Tiittanen, the author of a new ESL book, Grammar to GO, has a clear goal in mind. “Over the many years I have taught ESL, I have often found the need to create fun activities for my students that would allow them to…

Basic English Literacy

It isn't easy to help someone. Anyone. Human needs are complicated. Beyond the universal needs of food, clothing and shelter, the needs of every individual are different.

ESL/Computer Courses Do Double Duty

By Guylaine Spencer Before she took her first ESL/Computer Skills course, the only thing Mila Miguel knew about the machines was how to switch one on. Today, her skills are so advanced that she’s training others.

Education: Learn to Think Like a Canadian

by Claudio Muñoz Since 2000, more than one hundred thousand skilled workers have arrived in Canada each year. According to several employment agencies and government organizations, it could take more than a year for an internationally…

A Stepping Stone to Employment

Are you interested in working in the retail sector? Do you feel that your English language skills need some improvement in order to do this? Are you an immigrant or refugee who speaks English as a Second Language at an intermediate (CLB…