Book Review: “Immigrating to Canada and Finding Employment” by Tariq Nadeem

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By Efim Cheinis

The book of Tariq Nadeem “Immigrating to Canada and Finding Employment” (440 pages) was mainly written for people living abroad, who want to immigrate to Canada. This book describes the Canadian Federal and Provincial Immigration Programs, gives advice on how to fill the application forms and other immigration documents, how to evaluate the points necessary to get a visa, which belongings one has to bring, and how to spend first days upon arrival to Canada. The book also contains some brief information about Canadian history, geography, economy, and culture.

The author claims that after reading his book someone will not have to spend money on immigration consultants, will be able to avoid the IELTS test, and will get a Job Offer or a Temporary Work Permit. This book will also help to prepare candidates for an immigration interview in the Canadian Embassy. For this purpose the book includes appropriate Internet sites that are needed for searching the information related to immigration to Canada.

Some sections of this book may be useful for Newcomers. For example, sections which are devoted to regulated occupations like Medical Doctors, Engineering Technologists and Technicians, Accountants, Engineers, Nurses, Teachers and Pharmacists. Also there is information about credential evaluation service, professional associations’ addresses and web sites. Useful information is included about job interviews as well. Newcomers looking for jobs will find some Internet addresses across Canada.

However, you will not find information on how to get into the Visible or Hidden Job Markets, very small place is allocated to resume writing, and even the word “Resume” in section Index is absent. There is no description of Newcomers’ programs which are offered by Employment Resources Centres, Assessment Employment Centres and Service Canada Centres and many other things which are important for newcomer’s settlement and employment are not mentioned.

Unfortunately, in the book there is some mess with numbers of pages, therefore some references to pages from table of contents are false. Also some references to pages which are given in section “Index” are not correct.

Nevertheless, the book is useful, and it can be characterized well with the author’s words: it “may not answer all of your questions, but it is a good place to start”. The book can be bought in book stores or on the Internet.

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