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“I came to Canada for better opportunities and to advance my career in manufacturing engineering and management. The program is exactly what I wanted!”

Vlad Petkovic is describing the Bachelor of Technology degree program in Manufacturing offered by Hamilton’s McMaster University and Mohawk College. A graduate of Belgrade’s College of Mechanical Engineering, Vlad came to Canada from Serbia in 2002. He believes that when a Canadian employer sees a Canadian university on a résumé, it receives more attention than a college degree from overseas.

In Serbia, Petkovic worked for an engineering company as a mechanical engineering technologist doing AutoCAD designing and drafting. In order to gain Canadian educational qualifications he is taking his Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing classes part-time in the evenings while holding a fulltime job. He will receive his degree in December.

The Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing program was launched in 1997. It has proven to be so successful that the partnership between McMaster University and Mohawk College has recently been expanded. A Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology program and a Computing and Information Technology program were added. And a four-year combined diploma/degree program designed for entry directly from high school will start in September 2007.

In addition to advanced studies in technology, the programs include management courses. Business topics range from economics and marketing to the management of projects, human resources, IT and finances.

The Bachelor of Technology degree completion program is designed for technologists who have a community college diploma, and internationally trained professionals with an appropriate equivalent education. Courses are available on a full-time or part-time basis. Graduates receive a university degree in technology from McMaster University. Two 4-month co-op placements (for students who are not employed) provide on-the-job experience to support and expand on class work.

The Manufacturing Technology program is for graduates from manufacturing, mechanical, and industrial engineering technology programs. Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology will interest civil engineering, construction engineering, and architectural technology graduates. Computing and Information Technology will appeal to software or network engineers and to computer engineering technologists. “I took the program to help advance my career,” says Tony Hamilton, a marine engineering graduate from the Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. The networking that goes on in the classroom is an added bonus, he says. “There is a good mix of students, ages and expertise in the classes. There is lots of sharing.”

For more information about the Bachelor of Technology Program, check the website at, or e-mail, or phone 905-525-9140 ext. 27013.

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