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I am a lawyer from Cancun, Mexico who came to Canada just about 7 months ago thinking and hoping that I could find the way to move forward into my personal and professional life. Thankfully I have made it this far, thanks to God and a lot of nice and good people I have met in this short time.

At the beginning it was really hard for me to start settling down in a new country, with new people and so many different thoughts. I couldn’t find a job. I even got to the point of considering work as a housekeeper because I couldn’t find anything more suitable to my experience and field of studies.

Settling for this kind of work is, unfortunately, something newcomers from all over the world often do when they get here.

But I never gave up on the expectations I had when I first arrived.

When I cleared my mind, I realized that it is true that Canada is a land of opportunities, and it is just a matter of taking advantage of all those opportunities to get where you want to go.

So, I took some time to prepare myself with a workshop at Completing the Circle at Finch and Keele, where they helped me to develop an excellent résumé and practice mock interviews in a “Canadian way”.

Then with a lot of faith, effort and self confidence I started looking a good job.

About one month after I started the workshop, and thanks to all the lovely people from Completing the Circle, I got an interview in a great company with incredible personnel, and where the owners are immigrants too (they are wonderful people).

They believed in me and gave an opportunity – for which I will always be grateful – by hiring me as an Office Manager. I have been developing my skills and successfully moving on, advancing – as many people have done before – and demonstrating everything I am capable of doing. This is something everyone can do if they want to.

That’s all that I needed, just one opportunity. I got it and I took it, and believe me I will never let it go. All I can tell you, is that it is possible to get wherever you want if you are determined, just take the opportunities that God, life, and this country gives you and you will get there very soon.

If you want to call Completing the Circle, you could call 416-398-3287.

Thank you Canada and Completing The Circle, bless you all

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